Standard Vortex surface finish

The default surface finish allowed for in our quotes is our standard Vortex finish - for info & photos of this and other optional surface finishes click this link.

The reason for treating the surface like this is that after working with the brass there are generally marks, scratches, weld burns, etc that need to be cleaned up or removed to finish the job. The Vortex finish gives an even look to the item while the patina process gets under way. For items that will be getting chrome plated (by others) this same finish is generally fine.

Be aware there’s no way for us to determine the exact colour of the brass, or to match it to other items. It’s an alloy (ie mixture of various metals) which can have slight colour variations between batches, even from the same mill.

Also the natural patina process will cause the colour of the brass to darken and look “aged" or “distressed" - this is the material’s normal reaction to oxygen exposure. It’s not a fault, nor is it something we can control.

If a clear coat is required for a brass item to reduce the effects of oxygen on the material surface you’ll need to deal directly with your preferred paint or coating supplier, as this isn’t a service we can provide.

In the case of larger items requiring on-site welding, this clear coat would typically be applied in situ once the installation is complete. Typically welding can not be done on surfaces that have been clear coated.